Haylage Suppliers

Equibale is a specialist producer of horse haylage supplying discerning clients in the equestrian industry, including some of the nation’s top racing and competition yards.

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When it comes to training racehorses, the little details matter. Horses fed on Equibale benefit from the respiratory and nutritional advantages it brings.

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Competition horses are athletes. Athletes that want to perform at their best are particular about what they eat. Equibale provides the basis of a carefully balanced diet with a dust free forage.

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Keeping horses is hard enough work without worrying about what you are going to feed them and where you are going to get it from. Equibale is your dependable partner.

I’d like to say that your customer service & helpfulness has been excellent. The patience during delivery & overcoming a sticky situation was great! Hopefully the entrance & hardstanding will be in place before next delivery.
The horses are loving the haylage so may get through it a bit quicker than anticipated but they need it at the moment.
Thank you

Another happy customer in South Devon

Nutritionally Excellent. The start of a balanced diet.

We produce a variety of range of haylage including ryegrass, timothy haylage and meadowmix. Each is grown from carefully selected grasses that result in the optimum end product. All products are free of dust.

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Brilliantly Consistent. From the same batch all year.

Our extensive fleet of machinery and manpower allow us to produce a large amount of haylage in a very short period of time. This results in a consistent product cut at the right stage of growth for the optimal nutritional analysis. We carry large stocks year round and keep customers on the same batch throughout the season.

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Utterly Reliable. Your forage supply partner.

Our policy of carrying out every operation from seeding through to harvest gives us great control over the end product. Quality control is reviewed at every step of the process, virtually eliminating waste. And our in house delivery service with our own HGV lorry and forklift takes all the hassle away.

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If you would like a quote or to find out more about what we can offer, please feel free to get in touch.