We often get asked what is involved with making haylage so we thought we would put together some photos as a bit of a ‘step by step’ guide to what we do!

The first step is to mow the grass that is destined for haylage. The timing of this is quite critical, as too early and the protein level wills till be too high, but if you leave it too long the grass will have died and not be very palatable.


The next step is to dry the grass out as quickly as possible before the weather changes. For this we use a large ‘tedder’ which picks the grass up off the ground and throws it in the air to turn it over and get the air into it.



After 2 or 3 days of lying in the sun and being turned regularly , the grass has dried out to about 65% dry matter and is ready for baling. The first step is to collect the crop up into long rows with a raking machine.


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Once the field has been put into rows, the next step is for the baler to pickup the rows of haylage and compress them into square shaped bales. The bales are tied off with 4 strings and then come out of the back of the baler.


Once the bales have been made, they are wrapped tightly in white plastic to seal them and prevent oxygen from getting in.

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Finally the bales are collected up and put on pallets ready for delivery!