Swanmoor Haylage are specialist horse haylage suppliers producing a number of different grades of haylage.

Gold Ryegrass Haylage


Gold is our highest quality product. Generally made from first year Italian Ryegrass and Westwerwold Leys, it is bright, thick stemmed product baled at around 65-70% dry matter. Our Gold product is carefully maintained to ensure it has extremely low microbe and spore counts that could affect the horses respiratory system.

We can provide full microbial analysis free of charge if required for Gold ryegrass.

We aim to supply customers from the same batches during the season. We believe the most important thing in a horse’s diet is consistency.

Gold is available in a standard 225kg bale or is also available in our Multipack 10 bale format for easier handling for 2017 onwards.

Silver Ryegrass Hayage

Silver Ryegrass haylage is made to the same standards as Gold Haylage, but is normally from ryegrasses in the second year of production. It is still the same consistent, high quality product that you will come to expect from Swanmoor Haylage.

Silver Haylage is typically baled slightly drier than the Gold product, making it almost like a damp hay.

It is popular amongst national hunt yards, competition yards and studs.

We carry large stocks and can guarantee your supply for the year.

Silver is generally supplied in our standard 225kg bale format.

Meadowmix HaylageIMG_1896

Our Meadowmix Haylage is made from a mix of carefully chosen grass varieties to somewhat mimic the type of grasses a horse might naturally. Meadowmix is excellent forage for riding schools, livery yards and horses in light to medium work.

It typically slightly finer than ryegrass haylages and is lower in protein so is a great choice for older horses who struggle to chew the stemmy ryegrass. We perform routine nutrient testing as standard on all batches.

We keep large stocks of meadowmix haylage and are happy to guarantee your supply so you know you will not run out.

Meadowmix is available in our standard 225kg bale, or is also available in our Multipack 10 bale format for 2017.

Timothy Haylage

Timothy is an alternative to the more common ryegrass haylage. It is a great alternative for horses who tend to ‘hot up’ on ryegrass, and is also suitable for older horses who struggle to eat the coarser, more stalky ryegrass.