All our haylage products that we supply include free delivery to your yard anywhere in the UK. We have 3 delivery methods available depending on the quantity ordered and your requirements.

HGV Lorry

Larger orders are delivered using a 6 wheel lorry with a built in crane. The lorry can carry up to 48 bales (8 pallets) and offloads 2 pallets at a time. The crane is able to place the bales pretty much anywhere the lorry can park.

For more tricky deliveries, we can also offer a lorry with a mounted forklift of the back, which can place the bales in places where the lorry is unable to get to.

The bales re stacked 6 to a pallet, 3 high. This results in a total height of approximately 2 metres. The pallet is capped with a pieces of plastic sheet, and then the whole pallet is wrapped with more plastic, to completely seal it and protect it from the elements.

The lorry can deliver 48 bales (6 pallets) at a time.

Lorry delivering horse haylage Haylage Bales on Pallet Palletised Haylage Bales

16′ Trailer & Crane

For smaller local deliveries, we use a pickup truck and trailer. This is also how we do the majority of our hay and straw deliveries. The trailer has a special crane mounted on it that is able to lift the bales off the deck of the trailer and stack them neatly.

The trailer can hold a maximum of 8 bales and there must be sufficient space in your yard for the pickup and trailer to be turned around (if you can fit a horsebox in, generally the trailer will also fit).

Trailer delivering horse haylageUnloading horse haylage








Courier Delivery

For sample or small deliveries, we will sometimes use a pallet courier company. Bales will be stacked 3 to a pallet and the delivery driver will offload the pallet and place it a reasonable distance from the lorry with a pallet truck.

This service is generally more expensive than using our own delivery vehicles, but for small or urgent deliveries it is sometimes the most suitable.