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Common hay, haylage and straw bale sizes

There is a lot of confusion about bale sizes amongst horse owners. In this blog post, we will try to explain some of the common bales sizes and formats.
Square Bale Sizes
Square bales can be broadly broken down into two groups – those that have 6 strings around them, and those with 4 […]

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What does good haylage look and smell like?

Many horse owners are not really sure what good haylage should look like. In this post we will attempt to explain some of the common attributes and markers of good haylage.

Before you open the bale

First things first, before opening the bale, inspect the plastic wrap. The wrap should be in good condition, […]

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What are the requirements for making good haylage?

Haylage, is simple grass that has been sealed to exclude any oxygen from getting to it. Grass naturally has a range of bacteria in it, and some of these bacteria are known as lactobacilli, or bacteria that produce lactic acid. They do this by converting the soluble carbohydrates (such as starch and sugar) into […]

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