Welcome to Swanmoor Haylage

Swanmoor Haylage is a dedicated supplier of haylage for horses. We strive to produce a consistent,
high quality product and build long term relationships with our customers large and small.

We produce three main types of horse haylage: ryegrass,
timothy and meadowmix. Ryegrass is the staple food of the working horse’s diet, be that racing or competition. It is also preferred by many breeding studs.

Timothy is a finer product with a distinctive nose. It is naturally low in sugar so suitable for horses who cannot tolerate a high sugar intake.

Meadowmix is a carefully selected mixture of grasses that is a mid way point between ryegrass and timothy, and is suitable for horses in all levels of work.

We can deliver all over the country quickly and easily. All of our deliveries our made by ourlorry, and we provide a forklift truck free of charge to place your bales exactly where you want them.

We use the best quality plastic to seal our bales, and stack them on pallets which are wrapped & capped to protect them from damage during storage and transportation.

We can also export the product to any EU country or further afield if required.

Haylage has for a long time had a bad reputation as being to rich and inconsistent for feeding to horses.

However, times have moved on and specialist haylage producers can now supply an extremely consistent, high quality product that is suitable for a wide spectrum of horses. Many of the most successful competition and race yards are now feeding haylage as their forage of choice.

A horse’s forage is an extremely important part of it’s diet, and it has long been considered that the basis of a balanced feeding regime for a horse should be made up of a high quality forage. Swanmoor Haylage can provide the right amount of digestible fibre for energy as well as retaining more vitamins and nutrients than comparable products.


Please have a look through our website and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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